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Sowsmart Light Soils Tropical Legume Oversow Blend
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Sowsmart Light Soils Tropical Legume Oversow Blend

Rainfall 450mm+
Red/Sandy soils - 5 to 6.5 pH

In recent years sub tropical grass blends have become very popular in this soil type as a permanent pasture alternative. The long term objective to maximize all year round production and to compliment the sub tropical grass base has been achieved with this specific blend. The pasture legumes have been selected with long term persistence in mind. Once established these annual legumes are able to produce good volumes of high quality winter feed, which will increase the carrying capacity on these specific soil types. The pasture legumes have the ability to produce large quantities of seed each year and will regenerate well under the ground cover that a well managed sub tropical grass pasture will provide.

Cavalier Spineless Burr Medic 30%
Silver Snail Medic 15%
Bindaroo Button Medic 15%
Bartolo Bladder Clover 20%
Enduro Balansa Clover 10%
Zulumax Arrowleaf Cloverr 10%
Sowing Rate 10 kg/ha