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Sowsmart Heavy Soils Tropical Legume Oversow Blend
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Sowsmart Heavy Soils Tropical Legume Oversow Blend

Rainfall 450mm+
Black soils - 5 to 6.5 pH

This legume blend is designed for heavy soil types to introduce high seed yielding, hard seeded annual legumes to established summer pastures. These varieties have been shown to establish in an oversow situation and add quality and bulk to grass pastures. The complementary effect of the legumes to introduce nitrogen into the system aids in the performance and growth of the grasses in the long term. Successful establishment of the blend allows for higher stock utilisation of the dry grass and extended feed over the critical winter period. Trials have shown that even in dry springs these varieties will set a viable seed bank for future regeneration.

Cavalier Spineless Burr Medic 30%
Silver Snail Medic 20%
Bindaroo Button Medic 20%
SARDI Persian Clover 10%
Enduro Balansa Clover 10%
Zulumax Arrowleaf Clover 10%
Sowing Rate 10 kg/ha