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Sowsmart Acid Soils Tropical Legume Oversow Blend
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Sowsmart Acid Soils Tropical Legume Oversow Blend

Rainfall 400mm+
Suitable for soil types - 4.5 to 6.5 pH

In this soil range it is important that the varieties selected can build up a viable seed bank capable of overcoming false breaks and early season finishes. The ability of specific pasture plants to handle the acidic soils is critical for long term pasture production and the ability to self nodulate on regeneration. Managed correctly for nutrition and grazing these varieties can provide good winter/spring production and still set seed prior to the high grass production period.

Bartolo Bladder Clover 30%
Dalsa Sub Clover 20%
Cadiz Serradella 20%
Casbah Bisserulla 20%
Zulumax Arrowleaf Clover 10%
Sowing Rate 10 kg/ha