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SOWSmart™ Winter Gap Fill Blend
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SOWSmart™ Winter Gap Fill Blend

Winter FeedRainfall 350mm+
Serious winter production

SOWSmart™ Winter Gap Fill Blend was designed to target the traditional lack of quality feed supply in winter. This is the most problematic issue that confronts all grazing enterprises. This blend is ready to graze from 6 -7 weeks from early autumn planting. Delivering high quality feed early and has the double knock to offer the late season quality of the Jivet Annual Italian ryegrass to carry stock into late spring. Make the Winter Gap Fill blend one of your key sowings each year to maintain stock carrying capacity and deliver good returns to your farm.

Moby Forage Barley 75%
Jivet Tetraploid Annual Italian Ryegrass 15%
Cavalier Spineless Burr Medic 7%
Bouncer Hybrid Forage Brassica+ XLR8
+ Nutrient Enhanced
Sowing Rate 60 - 85 kg/ha