SOWSmart™ Spring
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SOWSmart™ Spring Graze Blend
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SOWSmart™ Spring Graze Blend

Based on the proven concept of Summer Feed, but allowing for earlier sowing by replacing the millet with forage oats. Enabling the use of late winter sowing into moisture guarantees a good germination and solid early start for this high yielding blend. Ideally suited for carrying over stock from pastures through to stubbles.

SOWSmart™ pasture blends are “ready to sow” mixes of proven grasses and clovers. They are the product of ongoing research and development of the Seed Distributors forage crop programme aiming to fulfil the requirements of farming for agronomically correct blends for high production pastures based within environmental and managerial constraints. SOWSmart™ target high livestock utilisation due to high palatability and feed quality characteristics that result in high animal performance and establishes easier using “best practice” techniques.

Spring Forage Oats 70%
Balance Chicory + XLR8 + Nutrient Enhanced 10%
Subzero Brassica  + XLR8 + Nutrient Enhanced 10%
Rajah Red Clover  10%
Sowing rate 35 - 50 kg/ha
Time to graze 10-12 weeks