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SOWSmart™ Quick Fix N
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SOWSmart™ Quick Fix N

Rainfall 325mm+
Maximum nitrogen input

A blend of tough, proven and productive legumes that will handle a wide range of soil types and produce good quality feed and total dry matter over the season. This blend features varieties that produce early seed set and have good nitrogen fixation capabilities. Quick Fix N is the quickest and easiest way to restore the in-field pasture legume seed bank and nitrogen levels that have been depleted by drought years. It can also provide good stand-over feed into summer if seasonal conditions allow. This blend provides good dry matter production in winter and spring for sheep, lamb and beef production.

Dalsa Sub Clover  . 34%
Clare 2 Sub Clover 34%
Cavalier Spineless Burr Medic  16%
Silver Snail medic 16%
Sowing rate 4 - 6 kg/ha