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SOWSmart™ Medic Haygraze LR
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SOWSmart™ Medic Haygraze LR

Rainfall 250mm - 450mm
Low rainfall medic pasture

Where annual rainfall is limited from 250mm to 450mm this blend enables producers to optimize hay yield and quality of medic hay. Vigorous seedling growth and high spring production forms a dense pasture of high yielding forage for grazing and hay baling. Early maturity ensures high hay yields in short season grain production areas. Outstanding winter/spring forage production for hay and grazing.

Cavalier Spineless Burr Medic    . 40%
Caliph Barrel Medic   20%
Silver Snail Medic    20%
Enduro Balansa Clover  10%
Bartolo Bladder Clover  10%
Sowing rate 15 - 20 kg/ha