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SOWSmart™ Horse HR
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SOWSmart™ Horse HR

Rainfall 500mm+/irrigation
Quality and Persistence

A well-researched blend of fescue, cocksfoot, phalaris, ryegrass, sub-clovers, balansa clover and lucerne specifically designed to provide the horse pasture grazing in dryland or irrigated situations.

Drylander Diploid Perennial Ryegrass 35%
Martin 2 Summer Active Tall Fescue 20%
Ambassador Cocksfoot XRL8 10%
Australis Phalaris XRL8 10%
ML99 Multileaf Lucerne 10%
Clare 2 Sub Clover  5%
Ovaflow Sub Clover  5%
Enduro Balansa Clover  5%
Sowing Rate 25 - 30 kg/ha