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SOWSmart™ HDL Blend
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SOWSmart™ HDL Blend

Rainfall 400mm+
Highly intensive legume pasture

A high density legume mix suited to medium and higher rainfall zones that provide outstanding dry matter production and nitrogen fixation. A HDL break crop in rotation is also an effective and profitable way of managing herbicide resistant annual ryegrass and increasing soil nitrogen. A vigorous SOWsmart HDL blend can contribute up to 50 kg/ha of nitrogen for subsequent crops, the equivalent of 100 kg/ha of urea. With appropriate livestock management the pasture can generate an income in its own right. In cropping only enterprises, green manuring of the HDL crop also dramatically increases soil characteristics of organic matter and carbon content. Brown and green manuring are also the most effective means of preventing ryegrass seed set.

Zulumax Arrowleaf Clover  30%
Bartolo Bladder Clover 20%
SARDI Persian Clover  20%
Clare 2 Sub Clover  20%
Enduro Balansa Clover  10%
Sowing rate 20 - 25 kg/ha