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SOWSmart™ Brassica Blend
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SOWSmart™ Brassica Blend

Rainfall 650mm+/irrigation
Condition stock, background beef and finish lambs

An excellent option where large areas of “opportunity forage” is sought, based on proven cultivar performance. Brassica Blend has the ability to enhance the value of standing dry feed when managed correctly. Ideally, stock require access to run off paddocks for best animal performance.

Subzero Brassica + XLR8 + Nutrient Enhanced 50%
Bouncer Hybrid Forage Brassica + XLR8 + Nutrient Enhanced 20%
Balance Chicory + XLR8 + Nutrient Enhanced 20%
Rajah Red Clover    10%
Sowing rate 5 kg/ha
Time to graze 8 - 10 weeks