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Lucerne is the major forage legume grown worldwide. It is a reliable, perennial legume well adapted to dryland and irrigation on a range of soil types across wide climatic variations. There are many ways Lucerne can be incorporated into cropping systems, utilised as a valuable grazing plant in all livestock enterprises and/or conserved as high quality hay, silage or chaff. It can be sown alone, in mixed pastures or undersown with crops. For the landholder, lucerne is a major tool in driving the whole farm profitability and long-term sustainability. The benefits of lucerne have been demonstrated in most farming zones across Australia over more than 80 years of research and farmer experience.

  • More productive than annuals and complementary with other crops and pastures
  • Fills summer and autumn feed and protein gaps
  • Year-round green feed that utilises summer rain to grow feed
  • Drought-proof feed source
  • Consistent liveweight gains to finish stock for sale, reach target joining weights on time.
  • Allows spring lambing time in sheep enterprises
  • Excellent source of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to improve herd health
  • Provides flexibility (grazing/hay/silage/chaff/pellets)
  • Increases organic matter for improved soil structure and reduces groundwater recharge
  • Lowers water tables and educes erosion on less stable soils