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Seed Distributors has partnered up with major hay exporters Balco Australia based at Balaklava SA in an exclusive arrangement to market Moby Forage Barley hay for the export market.

Moby Forage Barley is a white seeded awnless barley. It was bred by Seed Distributors to target the quick feed supply to the grazing market within Australia. Moby has proved to offer many farmers an opportunity to not only take in grazing value but now as a serious hay option.

With the grain head having an awnless characteristic this allows stock to graze all the way through to grain development. In hay cutting situations the hay can be fed to livestock without fear of animal health issues with awned material. This trait offers our hay producers the opportunity to now supply this product into the export market with Balco Australia.

The acceptance into overseas markets with Moby Barley Hay has been very encouraging. Moby is white seeded grain which is a major reason why this product can be grown in typical broad acre rotation areas.

Some other black seeded barleys on the market are unlikely to be used due to contamination in following grain crops. 2013 will see the first major shipment of Moby Barley hay to the export market, if you are interested in adding another forage option to your hay producing business please contact Balco Australia.

Agronomic Tech Sheet

Balco Australia is the exclusive licensee for Moby Forage Barley for export hay in Australia. Ph 08 8862 0000.


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Interview with Malcolm May Balco Australia on the SA ABC Country Hour.



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