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Pasture Genetics Pty Ltd is the in-house research breeding, screening and evaluation unit of Seed Distributors. The company was established in 1997 to breed new material for the Australian environment with a particular focus on providing solutions for specific industry sectors.

The Pasture Genetics team of qualified and highly experienced Plant Breeders together with a biotech scientist, continues to develop a number of techniques and improved forage cultivars to increase production and profitability for Australian farmers.

Pasture Genetics operates from the Seed Distributors research and development facility located at Penfield, on the outskirts of Adelaide in South Australia. It is an irrigated site set on 30 acres of red loam ground in the heart of SA’s agricultural district. The Goldstrike Seed Treatment Facility and the Export Division of Seed Distributors are also based at Penfield for better interstate logistics and freight management.

Strong relationships have been formed with breeding houses in the United States and Europe to provide base material for genetic development in a wide range of products.

Plant germplasm from around the World is screened to assess its suitability to Australian environments.

Seed Distributors also conduct ruminant grazing and feed conversion trials at Penfield with cattle grazing different pastures throughout the year and weight gain recorded at regular intervals. The grazing trials provide information on the value of current and experimental pasture species cultivars, and blends at the various stages of development.

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