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Seed Distributors is an established, independent Australian forage seed company. Since 1997 we have grown to be one of Australia’s largest produce of forage seed legumes for domestic consumption and export sales. With the company based in Adelaide, South Australia, Seed Distributors has been able to capitalise on the climate and abundant natural resources of underground irrigation water, suitable soils, sunshine, production infrastructure and grower expertise which make South Australia the largest seed production area in Australia. In the centre of these strategic resources we have proven over many years to be a consistent, reliable supplier of seed to world markets. Seed Distributors seed is guaranteed because every species meets the strictest standards of international quality control.

As one of Australia’s largest forage seed producers, achieving substantial economies of scale in seed production enables us to export to world markets, with seed products at the best prices. Seed Distributors has developed a strong export business with fully accredited facilities with close proximity to ports and export terminals for shipment out of Australia. Seed Distributors is well positioned for efficient container packing, loading and logistics. Exporting a wide range of pasture and forage seed species around the world to Asia, USA, Canada, South America, Middle east, North Africa, Southern Africa and Europe. With our professional production base at Seed Distributors we can ensure the consistent and reliable supply of high quality seed at the right price now and into the future.

Seed Production Powerhouse

Seed Distributors is the significant Australian seed production powerhouse of pasture seeds. The production of a wide range of proprietary and common seed lines including alfalfa, medics, sub clovers, other clovers and legume species forming the greater percentage of production. Production is undertaken by our experienced growers and Seed Distributors staff in a number of states, across Australia. More than 60% of small seed is produced in South Australia where we have reliable underground irrigation water reserves to ensure good supplies of high quality seed each season. Varietal integrity is the foundation of our production. Reliable production areas are carefully chosen for their weed-free status, paddock history and distance from similar crops to avoid possible contamination. Regular crop checks take place through the growing season and at harvest to maintain the integrity of the seed crop being produced. Both irrigated and dry land areas are used for the production of seed crops.

Seed is produced to International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) standards that guarantee the integrity of the seed products. This, in conjunction with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) ensures Seed Distributors seed products deliver high standards and protection for worldwide export customers. All our container shipments comply with the demanding requirements of importing countries. Through efficiencies in scale of production Seed Distributors is able to deliver best price, high quality seed products to export customers around the world.

Conditioning state of the art facility

Seed Distributors have built a state of the art conditioning facility located at the Penfield Research Station, Adelaide in South Australia. This is the largest pasture legume seed treatment facility in Australia. It contains specialist equipment for the application of fungicide, pesticide and colorant chemistry on seed to European Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) standards. Goldstrike® seed treatment technology is applied to alfalfa, medic, clover and other pasture legumes. This technology ensures longer rhizobia life when the product is in the bag and a superior result for the end use farmer. The new industry achievement standard for Goldstrike® Longlife products in alfalfa, medics and sub clovers has taken the lifespan of treated seed to levels not previously achieved. This enables even better seed establishment and production from your chosen legume seed cultivars.

Logistics container movement efficiency

The administration, storage and distribution centre of Seed Distributors is located amongst the transport industry hub in Adelaide, South Australia. This award winning facility stores seed in a safe and reliable environment where the seed is kept at an optimal temperature to avoid any deterioration of vigour or germination and enables efficient packaging, containerisation and distribution to a number of shipping ports. The latest in information technology systems and enhancements in logistics procedures results in prompt responses to export enquiries. The supply of sales orders at optimal speed, efficiency and reliably to our export customers is paramount.

Research and technical competence

Seed Distributors has an in house research, breeding, screening and evaluation unit in Pasture Genetics. The company was established in 1997 to breed plant seed products for the Australian environment and for regions globally that had a similar geographical and environmental fit. As part of this commitment to the ongoing research and development of pasture and forage crops Seed Distributors has a purpose built state of the art facility at Penfield on the out skirts of Adelaide in South Australia.

The research facility ‘Penfield Station’ is an irrigated/ dryland site set on 25 hectares of red loam silos in the heart of the South Australian agricultural district. It plays a pivotal role in the companies ability to manage multi stage plant breeding operations over an extensive range of crop types. It also contains the infrastructure required to facilitate larger scale livestock grazing trials on close to release varieties. This objective is seen as imperative by the company in delivering ‘real life’ information to customers on the expected performance of their new cultivars. The establishment of traditional breeding objectives that strongly focus on the improvement of locally adapted material, for efficient and trustworthy performance has provided an excellent platform of solid ’parental’ varieties for use in breeding.

In addition, Pasture Genetics also takes full advantage of strong relationships with breeding houses in the USA and Europe to obtain genetic material for the introduction of rare and unique traits to further enhance production and quality. Pasture Genetics technical services team also take on the large responsibility of planting and monitoring over 60 forage demonstration and evaluation (FDE) sites across Australia. In addition to enabling farmers to judge firsthand how different cultivars perform in their area, it also allows the Seed Distributors technical sales team to give well informed agronomic advice to their customer base.

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