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Replacement seed for crop failures

At Seed Distributors we’re so confident about our seed genetics and seed quality, we will replace seed at half the original purchase price if it fails to establish satisfactorily in the first thirty days.

Establishment Guarantee™

  • Replacement seed for crop failures.
  • Seed Distributors is very confident about seed quality and provides our innovative Establishment Guarantee program on all of our proprietary products.
  • Unfortunately establishment failures can occur and if the crop needs to be replanted, Seed Distributors will provide replacement seed at half the original purchase price.
  • The Establishment Guarantee program is available for the vital 30 day period after planting and provides growers with substantial savings if they need to replant their paddocks.

Establishment Guarantee claims

During 2007 Seed Distributors provided replacement seed for numerous Establishment Guarantee claims in crops such as lucerne, clover, SOWsmart® blends, ryegrass, medics and forage cereals. The reasons for replant included:
Gippsland Victora - Excess rainfall
Central Victoria - Drought conditions
Northern Victoria - Chemical residue damage
Mid North SA - Insect damage
South East SA - Seeder malfunction
Central NSW - Drought conditions
Southern NSW - Paddock was sand blasted
Southern QLD - Poor establishment due to seeding depth

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Establishment Guarantee

Soggy lucerne paddocks claimed through Establishment Guarantee program

Lucerne growers in Murgon with paddocks inundated by rain have been able to claim half the seed back under an innovative program offered by seed company Seed Distributors. For many growers the large amount of rain that fell in early May coincided with the fortnight after the valuable lucerne crops had been planted. Jason Godden of Murgon had a paddock of Seed Distributors Q75 winter Active lucerne which received up to eight inches of rain in the fortnight that followed planting. “It came down in bucket loads and it lay water everywhere,” Mr Godden said. The Q75 lucerne stand, which had been planted in the weeks leading up to the rain, ended up with large sections of bare patches. Under the Seed Distributors Establishment Guarantee program, Mr Godden was able to claim replacement seed at half the ORIGINAL purchase price. “For every bag I bought, I got another one,” he said.  “I was able to put more seed on in the weak spots.” Mr Godden said he had heard about the program in the past but this was the first year he had claimed seed from it. “It is good to know we have some back-up with the seed,” he said.  “At least we are getting some of it back to help with the replant.” Agronomist Damien Sippel from BGA in Murgon came out to assess the damage and followed up the paperwork from there. Mr Godden said the whole process was quite simple and easy. He said quite a number of other growers in the area had also taken advantage of the Establishment Guarantee program.

One of the other growers was Greg Louis of Murgon, who received 80mm of rain 10 days to a fortnight after his Q75 lucerne was planted. Mr Louis said he originally had 60 acres (24 hectares) of Q75 lucerne and lost almost half of the plant during the rainfall event. The lucerne planted on the heavier black soil survived while the crop in the lighter soil type was hit hardest. Mr Louis said the replant seed will assist in getting the Q75 lucerne stand back to full production as quickly as possible. He said he was aware of the program and was quite keen on the seed company providing replacement seed in the event of a crop establishment failure. Seed Distributors have been offering an Establishment Guarantee program for the past three years and will provide replacement seed in the event of a crop failure. Under the terms of the program, seed will be provided at half the purchased price if the crop does not establish to the grower’s satisfaction. Claims have been made on a wide range of issues including excessive rainfall, drought, chemical residue damage, insect damage, seeder malfunction, sand blasting and seeder depth. The Establishment Guarantee program is available on all their Proprietary products including Lucerne, Clovers, Medics, Pasture Grasses, Forage Cereals and the Sowsmart Range of pasture Blends for the vital 30 day period after planting and provides growers with substantial savings if they need to replant their paddocks. Seed Distributors are the only pasture based company in Australia to offer such a service to their important farmer customer base.



Andrew Newstead

Andrew Newstead of Gilgandra, New South Wales, was able to claim some L70 lucerne that was water-logged and also sustained herbicide damage in the aut</umn of 2012. Mr Newstead said he sowed the lucerne in mid-May and it was then inundated with inches and inches of rain shortly afterwards. “It did wash it out and the plants that were left had damage from Treflan,” he said. The Establishment Guarantee program had been widely promoted through the Seed Distributors literature and on the bag tags and Mr Newstead made enquiries about it. After an inspection of the damage the claim was immediately processed and replacement seed provided at half the original purchase price. “It was nice to know that the scheme was there if you had to resow,” Mr Newstead said.  “It’s almost like insurance and is a very generous scheme.  It provides us with a little bit of reassurance.”

Andrew Newstead of Gilgandra, New South Wales  Top

Geoff Williamson

Emerging 54Q53 lucerne seedlings were sandblasted during severe weather and failed to establish satisfactorily. The lucerne was replaced under the Establishment Guarantee program at half price. “I think it is a very generous offer,” Geoff Williamson said. “It is better than wiping your hands of it and saying bad luck. It is a fair loss if you have to finance the whole lot yourself.”

Geoff Williamson - Carisbrook, VIC  Top

John Stratton

A large area of L90 started well and then failed to establish due to dry conditions. A total of 52 bags were replaced under the Establishment Guarantee program at half price. “It is a great thing for the growers, John Stratton said. “Especially when you have dryland lucerne. We will give it another go this year,” he said. “It is good to be able to come back and get some reimbursement if you need it.”

John Stratton - “Nelia”, Coonamble, NSW  Top

Lloyd Walpole

A SowSmart pasture blend that failed to establish satisfactorily was replaced under the Establishment Guarantee program. Lloyd Walpole said he was not aware of the program until his local distributor checked the crop and said it was likely to be eligible for replant. “I think it’s a good scheme,” Mr Walpole said. The reseller looked at the crop, assessed it and the replacement seed was provided. “I think more people should be aware of it,” Mr Walpole said.

Lloyd Walpole - Nathalia, VIC  Top

Gary Flanigan

A crop of Diplex ryegrass was resown under the Establishment Guarantee program and went on to yield between 19 and 19.5 t/ha. The ryegrass was originally planted in early March, 2006 and suffered four days over 30 degrees and a late irrigation when the water was held back. With virtually no plant survival the local agronomist recommended the Establishment Guarantee program and the crop was replanted later in March. “That’s fantastic of you,” Gary Flanigan said of the program. “I thought I would have to take the hit but it was very good.”

Gary Flanigan - Katamatite, VIC  Top

David Rose

An 18 hectare strip of Multileaf® ML99 was inundated with rain after planting last season which washed most of the seed from the paddock. “We went into town and filled out the form and faxed it through.” Mr Rose said. “There were no dramas - it was quite easy.” The 15 bags of seed were replaced at half the original purchase price.

David Rose - Murgon, QLD  Top

Jamie Harrigan

A crop of Outback oats was claimed under the Establishment Guarantee program on the Harrigan property at Nobby on Queensland’s Darling Downs. Jamie Harrigan said the oats had been inundated with rain shortly after planting which affected its establishment. He said we were not aware of the Establishment Guarantee program until they attended a Seed Distributors day shortly after the oats had been lost. Replacement seed was provided and used for a September plant with the forage performing very well for the replant.

Jamie Harrigan - Nobby, QLD Top
Establishment Guarantee