About Seed Distributors
Seed Distributors - Science based pasture®

Seed Distributors is an established, independent Australian forage company providing new varieties of plants and finding ways to grow new forage crops and develop grazing systems. Seed Distributors has established strong relationships with Australian and overseas plant breeders securing the best genetic material available and developing the latest varieties for Australian agriculture.

At Seed Distributors we will continue to make research investments that will drive forage cultivar improvement, sustainability and profitability for the farmer.

We will continue to improve our plant germplasm, drawn from Australia and around the world, using plant breeding and new field genetic improvement techniques to develop superior forage cultivars. Along with this, we will continue extensive commercial field-testing for varietal development and successful positioning of our varieties in the wide range of Australian agricultural environmental conditions.

Production - Seed Distributors - the production powerhouse

Seed Distributors is one of, if not the, largest producer of seed in Australia with production of a wide range of proprietary and common seed lines. Production is carried out by experienced farmers and Seed Distributors staff in a number of states and from overseas to ensure good supplies of high quality seed each season. Reliable production areas are carefully chosen for their weed-free status, paddock history and distance from similar crops to avoid contamination. Regular crop checks take place through the season and at harvest to maintain the integrity of the product.

Both irrigated and dryland properties are used for the production of seed.

A quality assurance program monitors all the steps in the production of sowing seed, including sourcing, bulk up, processing and distribution. This program has stringent standards for germination and purity for the presence of weed seeds..

Export - Seed Treatment

Seed Distributors have built a State-of-the-art conditioning facility located at Penfield, on the outskirts of Adelaide. This is the largest seed treatment facility in Australia. The Penfield site is the research, Goldstrike® seed treatment technology and demonstration centre of the company.

It contains specialised equipment for the application of Gold Strike® technology on lucerne, medic, clover seed and other pasture legumes. This ensures longer rhizobia life when the product is in the bag and a superior result for the farmer.

Penfield also houses a number of specialist breeders and is a showcase for a wide range of proprietary varieties marketed by Seed Distributors..

Production - Seed Distributors - the production powerhouse

The administration, storage and distribution centre of Seed Distributors is located amoungst the transport industy hub at Wingfield in Adelaide.

This award-winning facility stores seed in a safe and reliable environment and enables distribution to most agricultural areas of Australia within 24 to 48 hours.

The seed is kept at an optimum temperature to avoid any deterioration of vigour or germination. Farmers can purchase Seed Distributors seed and be assured of high quality.

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